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Street Eats of Orleans

Street Eats website screenshot

Street Eats of Orleans is a one-of-a-kind food truck that has been floating around Cape Cod offering varied cuisine to beach goers since 2013.

This website has a custom coded back-end that allows the owner to update the restaurant's menu and location.
It contains custom graphics and animations.

Food Truck Animation Shark Fin Animation

Technologies Used:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL

Hungry Ghost Bread (redesign)

Hungry Ghost Bread website screenshot

Hungry Ghost Bread is a casual bakeshop in Northampton MA, with a rotating selection of pastries & wood-fired breads, plus take-out pizzas.

Technologies Used:
with custom HTML and CSS

Spunky Buttons

Spunky Buttons website screenshot

Spunky Buttons is an artist owned pinback button business in Northampton that specializes in pins and magnets.

This ecommerce website uses wordpress for easy product managment, has multiple custom forms, and has an intuitive payment gateway. It contains custom graphics and animated GIFs.

Technologies Used:
Wordpress and WooCommerce
with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

A Pizza My Mind

A Pizza My Mind website screenshot

A Pizza My Mind is a fictional restaurant website made by our developer, Joey. It was made as an exercise when he first started learning about web development.

All graphics were custom made and all photos are either owned or free-to-use.

Technologies Used:
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript